Lotus Fax for Domino for iSeries

Joined the Fax for Domino team to port the Fax addon from Windows to iSeries.  Promoted to team leader.  Duties included:

  • Configure build tools, compile new code drops, fix porting issues
  • Ported the Fax/400 fax drivers to work with Fax for Domino
  • Wrote the SNDDOMFAX (written in CL), which allowed sending faxes through Fax for Domino from the iSeries green-screen
  • Created windows component (which performed document conversion) and windows install code (using Installshield)
  • Wrote test cases for Fax for Domino, and ¬†coordinated with test team to solve any problems
  • Provided Level 3 support for Customers, built fixes and solved configuration problems