Accomplished Software Engineer with proven success leading all facets of SDLC, aligning technology solutions with current and emerging business needs. Highly-skilled at analyzing systems, identifying issues, designing and programming solutions for corporations. Surpassed company and customer expectations by increasing product value. Recognized for leading and supporting several initiatives, resulting in significant improvements to product values and revenue streams.



Beardy Software

Web Site Consulting: Use Adobe's Business Catalyst software for web maintenance, add galleries and news articles, update menus and add support for the full featured calendar, FullCalendar.

Mobile App Development: Design and develop 3 mobile apps, HoochhawK for Android and iOS ( LGBT happy hour and special event tracking app), WordHue and WordHue Free for iOS ( a word game) and Rocket Dots for Android and iOS ( a puzzle game). Also set up and maintained back end linux server when necessary.

May 2013 - present

Advisory Software Engineer


Smarter Planet: Participated in the Smarter Planet initiative, creating web portals which helped businesses monitor energy usage.

Sametime for iSeries: As tech lead for Sametime for iSeries, delivered multiple OS/400 releases concurrently with windows platform. Created fixpacks and ported hotfixes for customers on demand. Created test cases, helped move testing responsibilities to China, and eventually spearheaded moving the entire Sametime for iSeries porting effort to China.

Fax for Domino for iSeries: As tech lead for Fax for Domino, ported fax drivers for various fax devices, ported server code, and managed the windows conversion service, which offloaded fax file conversion to a windows machine. Created the SNDDOMFAX command, to send faxes through the Domino infrastructure from the iSeries green screen.

Dec 1998 - May 2013

Jr Software Engineer


Lotus Domino for iSeries As part of the team porting Lotus Domino for Windows to the iSeries, I managed test cases for the Domino C and C++ api, helping developers track down bugs. Helped create the CFGDOMSVR command (Config Domino Server) for creating, updating, and removing Domino servers. Wrote the code (in C) that integrated the Domino code with the native AS/400 SMTP stack. Wrote test cases that tested the SMTP stack.

June 1996 - Dec 1998


  • C/C++
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Swift
  • Javascript
  • CL
  • HTML
  • SQL
  • xCode
  • Android Developer Tools
  • Eclipse
  • Cordova
  • Rational Software Architect
  • Clearcase
  • CMVC


University of Wisconsin Superior

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with Computer Science Option

Graduated with cum laude honors in May 1996